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Guitar Workshop - Wednesdays at 1:00 ... maybe

If the interest increases, I will begin the Guitar Workshop on Wednesdays at 1:00 in my classroom, Room C-1. Bring your guitar, a guitar tuner, and your lunch to school on these days. Meetings last approximately 45 minutes.


Kids, make sure you're practicing chords every day for at least 20 minutes - however, the more time you practice, the better you'll be.

Below are some charts with various chords.  

Song of the Week #4

Watch the live performance by Bryan Adams first - maybe even listen to the song three or four times - then watch the tutorial.

Song of the Week #3

The Song of the Week this week is "You and I Both" by Jason Mraz. If you've never heard, you will enjoy it. The chords to the song are: G, Em, Am, C, D. The C and D chords are not strummed as long as the G, Em, and Am chords are. Listen to the song a bunch of times and strum along and you'll learn it quickly.

Song of the Week #2

The Song of the Week #2 is a song from 1994 called Mr. Jones. The band who wrote and performed it is named Counting Crows.

The first video below is the music video for the song. The second video is a tutorial showing you how to play it.

Song of the Week #1

The first Song of the Week will be my FAVORITE rock n' roll song of all time: Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams.

This first video is the original MTV music video. The second video is the song performed by Bryan Adams himself, in an acoustic setting. This acoustic version has a nice sound to it. Listen to it a few times before attempting to play it on the guitar.

The third video below is some guy on YouTube showing you how to play the song.

Parts of a Guitar

When learning guitar, it's very important to know what each of the parts are called. Look at the picture below to learn the names for the various parts of an acoustic guitar.

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